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FirstLook's New Facility Campaign Discussion

FirstLook Pregnancy Clinic welcomes you to our new facility capital campaign discussion. Thank you for joining us!  Let’s dive in!

First, let’s remind ourselves why FirstLook is needed for our community. An unplanned pregnancy or fear of it can be a very daunting experience for any woman. Women and men are literally faced with life and death decisions. FirstLook is here to lead Ellis County to embrace Life by promoting best sexual health practices and providing family support in the name of Jesus Christ. This is our mission.

Does FirstLook really need a new facility? 

After renting the same building for 15 years, FirstLook has made the very best use of the current facility they have been provided. However, with four staff members sharing one office, clients having to wait up to two weeks sometimes for an appointment, and only one space for exams, the huge need for a new facility to accommodate the organization’s growth has become obvious. The facility is the largest obstacle to fulfilling the mission statement for FirstLook.

What are the plans for the new facility?

A new facility will be constructed on a prime location off YMCA Drive using land donated by The Avenue Church. It will have 4 exam rooms and 4 consultation rooms, a fully equipped kitchen to teach healthy eating and cooking habits, a classroom, a space for prayer and intimate weddings, a baby boutique, offices, and ample parking space.

Is it really possible for FirstLook to have these facility goals?

A professional feasibility study was conducted by M. Gale and Associates. The conclusions were that the leadership and staff of FirstLook are very strong. There is a clear vision of the goals for the new facility and organization. There is a pool of capable, passionate and willing volunteers. There is a current large base of loyal individual, church and business donors. There is steady revenue produced from the two FirstLook Boutique stores. All areas analyzed were found to say, “Yes, FirstLook is ready to conduct this capital campaign. And yes, these goals are very feasible!”

How much money will this cost?

The board of directors for FirstLook have authorized an $875,000 capital campaign. The strategy includes raising half of the $1,750,000 goal through philanthropic giving. Once a minimum of $875,000 is raised, FirstLook may borrow the remaining amount and break ground on the new building. It is estimated that approximately $400,000 will be secured in in-kind donations in building materials and services. This will reduce the remaining balance that is to be borrowed.

Are you asking, “How can I help?”

You can link hands with FirstLook, as we link hands with the Creator of all life. We will all proclaim together that each life is made in the image of God, that compassion is ours to give, and that love is the light in which we walk. 

You will be given an opportunity to link hands. Please join us! Thank you.




Songs for Life

Please watch the videos below to sample some of the original music written and professionally recorded for FirstLook. CDs available now for suggested donation of $10 each.

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